3100 HEUI Truck Engine Installation Base Assembly


(1) Fork lift channels.

(2) Bolt holes for fuel tank assembly. For more information please refer to Fuel Tank Assembly in this publication.

(3) Base assembly.

A. Length (from outside bolt hole centerline to bolt hole centerline) … 148 mm (5.826 in)
B. Length (between bolt holes centerlines for fuel tank) … 284 mm (11.181 in)
C. Length (from bolt hole centerline to edge of base assembly) … 31 mm (1.220 in)
D. Length (from base assembly edge to bolt hole centerline) … 42 mm (1.653 in)
E. Length (between bolt hole centerlines for fuel tank) … 50 mm (1.968 in)

NOTE: The base assembly is a 7E1488 base assembly with minor modifications:

* Six bolt holes have been added for attachment of the fuel tank assembly (two on top and two on each side).
* Fork lift pockets have been added for transport.

NOTE: The base assembly was designed using the 122-8936 oil pan. If a larger capacity oil pan is used then it will need to be replaced with the 122-8936 oil pan.

(4) Fork lift pockets.

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