3100 HEUI Troubleshooting Inspecting Electrical Connectors

When to Use This Procedure

Use the following steps to help determine if the connector is the cause of the problem. If a problem is found in the electrical connector, repair the connector and verify that the problem has been fixed.


Many of the Operational Procedures and Diagnostic Code Procedures in this troubleshooting guide will direct you to check a specific electrical connector. The 3100 HEUI Truck Engines use a variety of Deutsch and Packard connectors.

Intermittent electrical problems are often caused by poor connections. Always check for an Active Diagnostic Code before breaking any connections and check again immediately after reconnecting the connector to see if the problem disappears. Simply disconnecting and then reconnecting connectors can sometimes solve the problem. If this occurs, likely causes are loose pins, improperly crimped pins or corrosion. Follow this procedure to thoroughly inspect the connectors to determine if connectors are the cause of the problem.

3100 HEUI Connectors

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