3100 HEUI Transmission Style

Indicates to the ECM the type of transmission installed in the vehicle. It is also used by the ECM to determine how to read inputs (brake switch #2, clutch, and neutral switches) and whether the Allison AT/MT/HT transmission driver is used.

If an Allison Automatic Transmission is installed, this parameter must be programmed to either MT/AT w/ 2 Brake Sw or MT/AT w/o 2 Brake Sw.

If any other automatic transmission is installed, this parameter should be programmed to either Auto w/ 2 Brake Sw or Auto w/o 2 Brake Sw.

The Manual selection requires a clutch switch connected to ECM Connector J1/P1 pin-24. Any of the automatic transmission selections (MT/AT w/ 2 Brake Sw, MT/AT w/o 2 Brake Sw, Auto w/ 2 Brake Sw, or Auto w/o 2 Brake Sw) require a neutral switch.

The selections with two brake switches require a second brake switch connected to ECM Connector J1/P1 pin-23.

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