3100 HEUI Passwords

Factory Passwords
Factory passwords are required to perform each of the following four functions.

1. Program a New ECM
– When an ECM is replaced, the System Configuration Parameters must be programmed into the new ECM. These parameters are protected by factory passwords.

2. Rerate Engine to Another Power Family
– This requires changing the Personality Module Code, which is protected by factory passwords. Includes changing from a standard to a multi-torque personality module.

3. Read Customer Passwords
– If the owner loses his customer passwords, he will not be able to program customer parameters. Using factory passwords, enables the ability to read customer passwords, then allows use of customer passwords to program customer parameters.

4. Clear Certain Diagnostic Codes
– Diagnostic Code 190-00 (Engine Overspeed Warning) requires factory passwords to clear once it is logged. Diagnostic Code 252-11 Incorrect Engine Software (59) also requires factory passwords. It should be cleared only if you are certain the personality module is correct for the engine.
Certain other diagnostic codes require customer passwords. The majority of logged diagnostic codes require no passwords to clear.

Since factory passwords contain alphabetic characters, only the ECAP or ET may perform these functions.

To obtain factory passwords, proceed as if you already had the password. At some point, if factory passwords are truly needed, the ECAP or ET will request factory passwords and provide most of the information required to obtain the passwords.

Customer Passwords
If Customer Passwords have been entered, they are then required to change ANY customer parameter. Customer Parameters are those that affect vehicle speed limits, power rating within a family, and PTO operation. Refer to the previous section on “Customer Specified Parameters” for details on parameters that are customer programmable.

The ECAP, ET, or MPSI Pro-Link with the Caterpillar Cartridge may change Customer Parameters. To obtain customer passwords, contact the owner of the vehicle. If the owner has lost his passwords, customer passwords may be read using an ECAP or ET (factory passwords are required in order to read the customer passwords) by following these steps.

1. Use the ECAP or ET to access “Read/Change System Configuration Parameters”, then “Read Customer Parameters”.

2. When the Factory Passwords screen appears, record the information listed on the “3100 HEUI Factory Passwords Worksheet” (refer to “Factory Passwords Worksheet” on page 41).

3. Obtain the factory passwords. The information recorded above must be provided, and generates a permanent record at Caterpillar of the access.

4. From the Factory Passwords screen, enter the Factory Passwords.

5. When the “Read Customer Passwords” screen appears, record the Customer Passwords. The Customer Passwords may then be used to change Customer Parameters.

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