3100 HEUI Customer Specified Parameters

Customer Specified Parameters allow the truck owner to influence how a driver operates the vehicle. Some parameters may affect engine operation in ways an inadequately trained driver does not expect. These parameters may lead to power or performance complaints, even when the engine is performing to specification.

Customer parameters may be changed repeatedly as a customer changes his operation or as new drivers are assigned to a truck. Customer Passwords are required to change these parameters.

The following is a brief description of the Customer Specified Parameters. Along with each are the minimum and maximum values for the parameter and the default value.

NOTE: Parameter value shown in bold is programmed setting to disable a feature.

The tables show values in U.S. (or English) units (miles, mph, quarts), followed by an approximate range for metric (kilometers, km/h, liters) units. The exact range of the parameter in metric units depends upon the Service Tool used because each Tool may use slightly different conversion factors.

Customer Parameter Lockout – 3126 Only

This parameter is available in JUN97 and Later Personality Modules to restrict access to changing some available parameters. Locking out a parameter requires Customer Passwords (if used). Once a parameter is locked out, Factory Passwords are required to change the parameter or unlock the parameter.

If a “lockable” parameter is not locked out, Factory Passwords are not required. A locked out parameter restricts the parameter from being changed directly by the customer. This helps vehicle owners encountering problems with operators obtaining Customer Passwords and altering some of these parameters.

It also provides a trail to determine who changed the parameter and when. The following Customer Parameters are available for Lockout.

* Vehicle Speed Limit
* Vehicle Speed Limit Protection
* Vehicle Speed Calibration
* High Cruise Control Speed Set Limit
* Soft Vehicle Speed Limit
* Transmission Style
When an attempt to change a locked out parameter occurs, the Factory Password screen will come up. Follow the instructions on the Service Tool screen if changing the parameter is required.

Factory Passwords are also required to change a parameter from “locked” to “unlocked”. If more than one parameter is locked out, and each one needs to be unlocked, one Factory Password is required.

Engine Power Rating Selection Number

Rating number within a power family. The Personality Module defines the power family such as 300 hp (224 kW) and may contain only one or several ratings. The rating number defines which rating is used within the family.

Vehicle ID

Identification of the vehicle assigned by the customer and used only for customer reference. Not required by the ECM.

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