3100 HEUI Cruise Control Parameters

Low Cruise Control Speed Set Limit

The lowest vehicle speed at which cruise control can be used. Programming this parameter to the maximum value disables cruise control.

High Cruise Control Speed Set Limit

The highest vehicle speed at which cruise control can be set. If a driver attempts to set a vehicle speed higher than this as the cruise set speed, the High Cruise Control Speed Set Limit will be the cruise set speed.

Cruise/Idle/PTO Switch Configuration

The configuration defines the function of Set/Resume for ACCEL and DECEL modes. This parameter applies to cruise control, idle, and PTO modes.

Figure 4 – SoftCruise Control and Soft Vehicle Speed Limit

SoftCruise Control

SoftCruise Control provides a 5 mph (8 km/h) operating range around the cruise control set speed to provide a smoother cruise control.

It controls the cruise speed from 2.5 mph (4 km/h) below the set vehicle speed at full load to 2.5 mph (4 km/h) above the set vehicle speed at no load.

Some applications with a JUN97 or later Personality Module may only offer a NO option.

Engine Retarder

Determines operation of the Exhaust Brake while the cruise control On/Off switch is in the ON position, but the engine is not in cruise control. This does not determine, or allow engine retarder operation while the engine is in cruise control.

Allowable options are COAST, LATCH or MANUAL. When programmed to COAST, the retarder is enabled only while the service brakes are being applied. When programmed to LATCH, the retarder stays enabled after the service brakes are released. A direct, immediate pressure on the brake pedal latches the retarder ON.

If programmed to MANUAL, the retarder operates the same with the cruise control switch ON (but not in Cruise) as when it is OFF.

Refer to “PB-18: Exhaust Brake And Transmission Interface Circuits Test” on page 135 for details on operation of the engine retarder and auxiliary engine retarder.

Figure 5 – Coast and Latch Engine Retarder Mode

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