3208 – Engine Will Not Start

Probable Cause:

1. Empty Fuel Tank
Put fuel in fuel tank.

2. Poor Quality Fuel
Remove the fuel from the fuel tank. Install a new fuel filter element. Put a good grade of clean fuel in the fuel tank.

3. Dirty Fuel Filter
Install new fuel filter.

4. Dirty Or Broken Fuel Lines
Clean or install new fuel lines as necessary.

5. Linkage To Sleeve Control Shaft Is Held In Shutoff Position
Check the operation of the shutoff solenoid and the shutoff linkage. Solenoid must pull up to compress spring for fuel turn on. Check governor linkage for free movement. Sleeves must turn freely on fuel injection pump plungers in all positions of sleeve control shaft. The thrust collar must turn freely on the governor shaft at all positions between shutoff and full load. If linkage does not move freely under these conditions, clean all parts thoroughly. Inspect all parts for wear and make replacement where needed.

6. Fuel Pressure Is Too Low
Replace the fuel filter. Inspect the bypass valve for free movement. Install a new bypass valve if necessary.

7. Air In The Fuel System
Find the air leak in the fuel system and correct it. Remove air from the fuel system. Make reference to Removing Air From Fuel System in Testing & Adjusting.

8. Fuel System Not Timed Correctly To Engine
Make adjustment to timing if necessary.

9. Constant Bleed Valve Stays Open (not enough fuel pressure for starting)
Replace constant bleed valve.

10. No Overfueling Spring
Install an overfueling spring.

11. Fuel Ratio Control Has A Defect
Check fuel ratio control setting. Adjust if necessary. Check operation of solenoid.

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