Installation Procedure for the Fuel Transfer Kit on the Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector (HEUI) Pump

Reinstalling the HEUI Pump

(5) 227-5904 O-Ring Seal

(12) 185-3241 O-Ring Seal

Install the HEUI pump on the engine. Refer to the Disassembly and Assembly Manual for the correct procedure. Ensure that the system does not have any leaks.

Note: Be sure to use the appropriate seal for your individual application. Use a new 185-3241 O-Ring Seal (12 ) on the 204-4944 Unit Injector Hydraulic Pump Gp , the 220-4276 Unit Injector Hydraulic Pump Gp , and the 220-6214 Unit Injector Hydraulic Pump Gp . Use a new 227-5904 O-Ring Seal (5) on all other unit injector hydraulic pumps. Refer to Illustration 9. Discard the old seal and install the new seal.

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