Installation Procedure for the Fuel Transfer Kit on the Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector (HEUI) Pump

Removing the Fuel Transfer Pump from the HEUI Pump

(1) HEUI pump

(2) Fuel transfer pump

(3) Vise

(4) Drive gear

  1. Use a vise (3) in order to secure the HEUI pump (1) vertically with the drive gear (4) on the bottom. Make sure that the vise has jaws that are made from aluminum or some other soft material. Do not clamp on the gear or the front mounting flange. Do not rest the pump with the drive gear (4). Refer to Illustration 1.Note: If any debris remains on the pump, plug all of the ports on the pump and spray the external parts of the pump with an appropriate cleaner. Do not use a wire wheel or a die grinder to clean the surface. Using a wire wheel can affect the flatness of the mating surface. A high pressure leak could result from using a wire wheel. Use a clean towel to clean the surface.

(1) HEUI pump

(2) Fuel transfer pump

(4) Drive gear

(5) 227-5904 O-Ring Seal

(6) Tie Bolt

(7) Bolts for the fuel transfer pump

(8) Tie Bolts

(9) Location for temporary bolt

(12) 185-3241 O-Ring Seal

  1. Remove the single tie bolt (6) that is located in the top left corner of the pump by using Tooling (B). Refer to Illustration 2. Only remove the single tie bolt (6). Removing more bolts will result in damage to the pump.


  1. Replace tie bolt (6) with the temporary bolt (9) that is provided in the service kit.Note: The temporary bolt that is provided in the kit has an undersized bolt head. The temporary bolt prevents the body of the HEUI pump from separating during service. Do not remove the temporary bolt until the fuel transfer pump has been completely reinstalled.


  1. Tighten the temporary bolt (9) to 10 N·m (7.4 lb ft) by using Tooling (C) .Note: Do not place an excessive torque on the temporary bolt. The aluminum housing of the pump could be damaged.


  1. After installing the temporary bolt (9) in the top left location, remove the three bolts (7) that fasten the fuel transfer pump to the HEUI pump by using Tooling (A) .


  1. Proceed by removing the remaining three tie bolts (8) by using Tooling (B) .

(1) HEUI pump

(2) Fuel transfer pump

(9) Temporary bolt

(10) Seals

(11) Seal

  1. Separate the fuel transfer pump from the HEUI pump. Refer to Illustration 3.

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