Use The 6V2034 Micrometer Adapter To Measure Lip Thickness Of Engine Valves

The 6V2034 Micrometer Adapter (shown in Illustration 1) can be used to measure the lip thickness of engine valves after they have been ground. The new adapter can be used with either a Starrett or a Mitutoyo Multiple-Anvil Micrometer to make sure that the valve lips are thick enough to be used again.

The 6V2034 Micrometer Adapter has a corner with a 30° angle and one with a 45° angle, into which the valve lips are fitted during measurement.

To use the new adapter, install it as shown in Illustration 2 with the correct corner angle for the valve head. Put the valve into the corner of the new adapter until the valve comes in contact with both sides of the adapter (Illustration 3). Turn the micrometer spindle to lightly touch the valve head and read the thickness of the lip.

For “Go, No-Go” measurements, set the micrometer to the “minimum lip thickness” specification in Form SEBF8034-01, Guideline for Reusable Parts-Valves and Valve Spring Specifications. If the valve will not fit into the corner or if it comes into contact with both sides of the corner plus the anvil, it has enough lip thickness to be used again. If it fits into the corner but there is a gap at one of the three contact points, it must not be used again.

Illustration 1. 6V2034 Micrometer Adapter.
Illustration 2. 6V2034 Micrometer Adapter in position.
Illustration 3. Valve lip thickness being measured with 6V2034 Micrometer Adapter.

The 6V2034 Micrometer Adapter can be used with these micrometers:

NOTE: When a large quantity of valves needs to be inspected, the 5P6518 Fixture Group can still be used. The fixture group is also needed to check turbocharger shafts to see if they are straight.

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