The Caterpillar Fuel Flow Monitor System Available

All Diesel Engines

The Caterpillar fuel flow monitor system is now available. See Illustration 1. This system is a versatile fuel flow measurement system to help evaluate engine performance. The system comes in three different arrangements, making it flexible enough to measure nearly every Caterpillar Engine, 50 to 2240 kW (65 to 3000 hp), as well as competitive engines using the correct adapters (not provided). The system is powered by 11 to 40 volts DC at 1.2 amps. from the machine battery or other source.

Illustration 1. Major components in the Caterpillar Fuel Flow Monitor System.

The monitor system can be used as a two-meter system on engines with both supply and return-to-tank fuel lines, or as a single-meter system for engines without the return line. It uses two fuel flowmeters and a hand-held monitor to measure fuel flow and fuel temperature of both supply and return lines, and to calculate the burn rate of the engine. The hand-held monitor also will display average and total fuel burned during a given period of time. The monitor instantly indicates out-of-range conditions such as underflow or overflow. The information can be displayed in S.I. (metric) or U.S. units.

The state-of-the-art “smart” turbine flowmeters contain microprocessors which linearize the output signals of both flow and temperature to give a meter reading accuracy of 0.5%. They also automatically compensate for the expansion of fuel as it changes temperature. The meter groups are all fully field-tested to ensure accuracy. Pulse dampeners, flow straighteners and sight glasses are included.

Either a complete test arrangement with all the parts, or groups of parts from this arrangement can be purchased, depending on the size of engines that are to be tested. See following topics. Operating Manual NEHS0502-01 containing specifications, installation instructions and a list of service parts comes with the arrangements.

The 1U5450 Complete Engine Test Arrangement

This arrangement consists of a complete system to test the 1100, 3200, 3300, 3400, D300, and 3500 Families, and the 3606 and 3608 Engines. See Illustration 2 and Chart A for these parts.

Illustration 2. The complete test arrangement is shown here.

Larger engines in the 3600 Family of Engines can be tested using either a single, large meter and recirculating the return fuel (utilizing a fuel cooler if required) or using two large meters in parallel for each fuel line. Contact Caterpillar Service Technology Group for details.

The 1U5440 Engine Fuel Flow Monitor Arrangement For Medium To Large Engines
Use this arrangement to test flow rates on the 3500 Family and 3606 and 3608 Engines, and D300 Families with flow rates above 150 L/hr (40 gph).

Operating range is 150 L/hr (40 gph) to 3785 L/hr (1000 gph). See Illustration 3 and Chart B for these parts.

Illustration 3. Test arrangement for medium to large engines.

Larger engines in the 3600 Family can be tested either using a single, large meter and recirculating the return fuel and utilizing a fuel cooler, or using two large meters in parallel for each fuel line. Contact Caterpillar Service Technology Group for details.

The 1U5430 Fuel Flow Monitor Arrangement For Small To Medium Size Engines
Use this arrangement to test D300 (see Note), 1100, 3200, 3300 and 3400 Families Of Engines

NOTE: The 1U5430 Arrangement can be used on most engines in the D300 Family. Some earlier D300 Family of Engines have flow rates over 265 L/hr (70 gph), and thus require the 1U5440 Arrangement for two-meter operation. If the return fuel flow is blocked as described in Special Instruction SEHS7050 (using the 5P2160 Engine Horsepower Meter), a single 1U5301 Supply Fuel Flowmeter Group-Small can be used on all D300 Family of Engines.

The range of both flowmeters is 11 L/hr (3 gph) to 265 L/hr (70 gph). See Illustration 4 and Chart C for these parts.

Illustration 4. The test arrangement for small to medium size engines.

Optional Items For Use With The Fuel Flow Monitor System

Illustration 5. The above optional items are available for use with fuel flow monitor system:

1. 8T9276 AC Power Supply, 110/220 volts AC, 50/60 Hz for powering diagnostic service tools including the fuel flow monitor system. Supplies 11 to 20 volts DC at 1.2 ampere maximum.

2. 1U5298 Cable 5.5 m (18 ft) to connect fuel flowmeters to hand-held 8T9300 Fuel Flow Monitor. (One 1U5298 Cable is supplied with each fuel flowmeter group.)

3. 6V2198 Extension Cable 5.5 m (18 ft) for fuel flowmeters (cable is also used in 6V3121 Multitach Group).

4. 1P7408 Thermo-Hydrometer, Range 29 Deg. to 41 Deg. API.

5. 5P2712 Thermo-Hydrometer, Range 39 Deg. to 51 Deg. API.

6. 1P7438 Beaker for taking fuel density tests.

7. 1U5299 Carrying Case Assembly (carrying case with foam to hold two flowmeter groups and monitor group).

8. (Not shown) 8T9295 Magnetic Holding Base for 8T9300 Fuel Flow Monitor.

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