Removal Of TARP (Rust Preventive)

Caterpillar currently uses TARP (thixotropic all-purpose rust preventive) on some machines and engines that are shipped overseas on the top deck. TARP provides protection of all components in all types of weather.

TARP, which is put on in a thin layer, is sticky and will hold dust and dirt. Because this rust preventive is slippery, it is recommended that it be removed before service or maintenance work is performed.

TARP can normally be easily removed with a mixture of warm water [60°C (140°F)] and a mild soap or detergent. It can also be removed with a high pressure wash. Steam must not be used, because it will cause TARP to harden which will make it more difficult to remove.

In applications where TARP has been on a machine for a long period of time (3 months or more), two products,PREP and LiftOff, can be used to make removal easier. PREP is to be used at full strength to soften the layer of TARP. This normally takes 15 to 30 minutes. LiftOff which is a mild alkaline cleaner can then be used to remove the TARP.

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