New Indicator Instrument Group Available To Measure Crankcase Blowby And Radiator Air Velocity

All Engines Except 3600 Family Of Engines

A new 8T2700 Blowby/Air Flow Indicator Group is available and replaces the former 9S7373 Air Meter Group which has been canceled. The new group contains a hand-held digital indicator, a remote mounted pickup, 915 mm (3 ft) of cable, a blowby hose, and the necessary connections. See Illustration 1. The new group can measure the volume of exhaust gases coming out the crankcase breather or the air velocity through the radiator. The former group measures only radiator air velocity.

The digital indicator is battery powered and can also be powered with external 11 to 40 Volts DC from the machine battery, or AC powered with the optional converter.

Illustration 1. The blowby/air flow indicator group in its compact carrying case.

The volume of exhaust gases, or blowby, coming out the engine breather(s) can be very helpful in planning engine repairs. Blowby volume guidelines for Cat engines are listed in the Special Instruction that comes with the instrument. The volume of blowby gases can be shown in either liters/min or cubic feet per hr. Air velocity through the radiator core helps to quickly find areas that are plugged or partially restricted. The flow velocity can be shown in either meters/min or ft/min. Illustration 2 shows the indicators on the face of the instrument. A digital value appears when the instrument is used.

Illustration 2. The meter connected to the blowby pickup.

There are also three optional items that can be ordered to use with the new blowby/air flow instrument. See Illustration 3. These items are:

… 5P7366 Power Cable for connecting machine batteries (11 to 40 Volts DC) to the hand-held indicator.

… 8T5268 Converter. This converts 110/220 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, power supply to 11 to 20 Volts DC at .3 Amp maximum for powering the indicator.

… 6V2198 Extension Cable, 5500 mm (18 ft) long for operating the indicator more than one meter (3 ft) from the pickup.

Illustration 3. The optional items that are not part of the 8T2700 Group.

Presently, preliminary operating instructions come with the group.

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