New Crankshaft Assemblies

All 3304 And 3306 Engines

Description of Change: The above engines now have new crankshaft assemblies with wider crankshaft gears. The wider crankshaft gears are used with engine front gear trains that have wider gears.

Adaptable To: The new 2W7960 and 2W7458 Crankshaft Assemblies are in effect with the serial numbers shown in the chart. These crankshaft assemblies use a wider 1W4405 Crankshaft Gear. The former 4N7692 and 4N7693 Crankshaft Assemblies had a narrower 7N4525 Crankshaft Gear.

3304 and 3306 Vehicular Engines and most 3306 Truck Engines use a 7N9589 Trunnion Group instead of a crankshaft seal adapter. If desired, a new crankshaft assembly can be used on all earlier engines with the 7N9589 Trunnion Group.

All 3304 and 3306 Industrial and Marine, Natural Gas Engines and a few truck engines, use either a 1W4506 or a 3N1463 Crankshaft Seal Adapter. A new crankshaft assembly can be used in all 3304 and 3306 Engines with the 1W4506 Crankshaft Seal Adapter.

A new crankshaft assembly can also be used in a 3304 or 3306 Engine with a 3N1463 Crankshaft Seal Adapter, if the 3N1463 Crankshaft Seal Adapter is replaced with a 1W4506 Crankshaft Seal Adapter.

The chart that follows gives the in effect Serial Numbers for the 1W4506 Crankshaft Seal Adapters.

Illustration 1. New 1W4405 Crankshaft Gear.
Illustration 2. Former 7N4525 Crankshaft Gear.

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