Double Lip Seal With Hydrodynamic Grooves Used At Rear Of Crankshaft

3300 Family of Engines

SUPPLEMENT: 05/23/88
SERVICE MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER 28, 1987; PAGE 11; “Double Lip Seal With Hydrodynamic Grooves Used At Rear Of Crankshaft” on 3300 Family Of Engines.

Write a note referring to this supplement for the following serial numbers. These are effective serial numbers for the engines using the 7C4297 Seal Group.

…D4E Tractor (34C)-4YD837

…D4E Tractor (76W)-9CB332

…D6D Tractor (36C)-1AF701

…D6D Tractor (75W)-8TD495

…621 Tractor (15U)-47V17506

…627E Tractor-8Z39562

…637E Tractor-8Z44120
————— END SUPPLEMENT —————

Reference: Service Magazine; June 2, 1986; Page 17; “Crankshaft Seal Usage On 3300 Family of Engines.”

Description of Change: The 7C4297 Seal Group is now used to replace the former silicone rubber double lip seal group. The new seal group is a double lip seal with hydrodynamic grooves on both of its sealing lips as shown in the illustration.

Cross section of the hydrodynamic double lip seal.

hese grooves move the engine lubrication oil back to the crankcase and moves the transmission oil to the flywheel housing as the crankshaft rotates. The double lip hydrodynamic rear crankshaft seal is used where the rear crankshaft seal area may be covered or flooded with oil during operation.
Adaptable To: The new 7C4297 Rear Crankshaft Seal Group is a direct replacement for the former 1W2556 Rear Crankshaft Seal Group.

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