3116 and 3126 HEUI Truck Engines Engine Engine Air Cleaner Service Indicator – Inspect

This engine may be equipped with a service indicator, mounted between the air cleaner and the air inlet manifold. The engine may be equipped with a different indicator.

An air cleaner differential pressure gauge may be located in the on the gauge panel. The air cleaner differential pressure gauge indicates the difference of air pressure between the inlet (dirty) side and the engine (clean) side of the filter element. The pressure difference between the two sides increases as the filter element becomes plugged.

Typical service indicator.

Observe the service indicator. A colored piston showing in the window indicates the need for servicing the air cleaner. Clean or replace the filter element when the yellow diaphragm enters the red zone or the red piston locks in the visible position. If the service indicator shows red at any time, clean the filter element or install a new filter element.

Inspect the service indicator daily for cracks, holes, or loose fittings. If any of these conditions are present, repair or replace the service indicator.

Test Service Indicator

Service indicators are inexpensive but important instruments.

Check for ease of resetting. The service indicator should reset in less than three pushes.

If the service indicator does not reset easily, the service indicator should be replaced. If the new service indicator will not reset, the indicator sensor hole may be plugged.

Severely dusty environments may require frequent service indicator replacements. Replace the service indicator yearly, regardless of operating conditions. Replace the service indicator at Overhaul, and whenever major engine components are replaced.

NOTE: When you install a new service indicator, excessive force may crack the top of the service indicator. Tighten the service indicator to a torque of 2 N·m (18 lb in).

Service Air Cleaner

If your filter element becomes plugged, the air can split the filter element material. Unfiltered air will drastically accelerate internal engine wear.

* Service the air cleaner when required by the service indicator. After servicing the air cleaner, reset the service indicator by pushing on the piston plunger.
* Check the precleaner (if equipped) daily for accumulation of dirt and debris. Remove any dirt and debris as needed.
* Operating conditions (dust, dirt and debris) may require more frequent filter element maintenance.

Replace dirty paper elements with new ones. Keep spare filter elements on hand for replacement. The filter element should be thoroughly checked for rips or tears in the filter material. Check for air cleaner seal/gasket damage, and replace the filter element at least every year.

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