3116 and 3126 HEUI Truck Engines Cooling System Coolant Extender – Add

NOTE: Before performing this maintenance, determine the type of coolant that is being used. This maintenance applies ONLY to cooling systems that are filled with Caterpillar Extended Life Coolant.

Caterpillar Extended Life Coolant (ELC) does not require the frequent Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) additions associated with the present conventional coolants. Only a “one time” coolant Extender is required.

Check the cooling system only when the engine is stopped and cool.

1. Loosen the radiator filler cap slowly in order to relieve pressure. Remove the radiator filler cap.

2. It may be necessary to drain enough coolant from the cooling system to allow for the addition of the Extender.

3. Add Extender according to the requirements for your engine’s cooling system capacity. Refer to the Refill Capacities chart for the cooling system capacity for your engine. Refer to the Coolant Specifications for the Caterpillar ELC Extender Additions chart.

4. Install the radiator filler cap. Start the engine and inspect for coolant leaks. Stop the engine.

5. Check the coolant level. Add coolant if necessary. Clean the radiator filler cap. Inspect the radiator filler cap. If the gaskets are damaged, replace the old radiator filler cap with a new radiator filler cap. Install the radiator filler cap.

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