Use FT1711 Light Table For Cylinder Liner Inspection

Cylinder liner inspection can be made easier with the FT1711 Light Table. Defects can not always be seen on the internal surface of a liner when a flashlight or ceiling light is used. Larger cylinder liners are very heavy, and difficult for the serviceman to hold up to the light source.

The new FT1711 Light Table can hold up to six cylinder liners at a time on a sheet of Plexiglass over a fluorescent light source. The table can also be adjusted to different angles for better inspection of the internal surfaces of the cylinder liners. This will decrease inspection time. The new light table can be used to inspect all cylinder liners up to 6 1/4″ bore size.

Drawings needed to fabricate the FT1711 Light Table are available from your Division Service Manager.

The FT1711 Light Table.

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