New Camshafts Used; Camshaft Installation Kits Available

3300 Family Of Engines

Description of Change: New camshafts with harder cam lobes, improved heat treat processing, and a larger diameter between No. 1 and No. 2 bearing journals are used in the 3300 Family Of Engines. The new camshafts have more resistance to lobe pitting and torsional vibration.

Adaptable To: The new camshafts with all three improvements are effective as follows:

3306B Industrial Engine-64Z4626, 7JB1847
3306B Marine Engine-84Z893
3306B Generator Set Engine-85Z2637, 5KD398
3304B Industrial Engine-10E1710, 4XB362
3304B Marine Engine-13E742
3304B Generator Set Engine-83Z3131, 3TC884

The improved camshafts can be installed in all earlier engines in the 3300 Family. If the new camshafts are installed, use a complete set of new lifters and coat the shaft lobes with the special cam lubricant. Used lifters probably will not have the same service life as the new camshaft, resulting in additional repairs and downtime. For this reason, the applicable camshaft kit listed in the chart should be used when a new shaft is installed.

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