New 6V7059 Micrometer Measures Liner Top Flange And Valve Lip

A 6V7059 Multiple Anvil Micrometer is now available. The new micrometer can be used to measure the thickness of cylinder liner top flanges and engine valve lips. It can also be used to measure parts that do not fit a standard micrometer. The micrometer has two anvils that can be removed. These anvils will measure areas not possible to measure with a standard micrometer.

Before you use a cylinder liner again, measure the thickness of the top flange. The minimum thickness for a cylinder liner top flange is in the Specifications Module of the Service Manual.

Check liner projection at assembly as described in the Service Manual.

If you use the micrometer with a 6V2034 Adapter it will measure engine valve lips. Accurate measurements are important if you want to use the valve again. Minimum valve lip thickness dimensions are in the Guideline for Reusable Parts – Valves and Valve Spring Specifications, Form SEBF8034-03.

The 6V7059 Micrometer can be used on all Caterpillar cylinder liners and all Caterpillar engine valves with 30° and 45° valve faces. It can also be used as a general purpose 0 to 25 mm micrometer.

Use the 6V7059 Micrometer with a 6V2034 Adapter to measure the thickness of a valve lip.

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