Cylinder Pack Puller Groups Improved

3300, 3400 And 1.7 Liter Families Of Engines

Description of Change: The cylinder pack puller groups have been improved. A new shorter base cone is used in the puller group. Also, the base plate and the bolt that fastens the plate to the cone have been eliminated. These changes allow the improved cylinder pack puller groups to be installed 25.4 mm (1.00 in) deeper into the cylinder. This increases the surface contact area with the liner and improves the tools pulling ability.

Adaptable To: The new 9U6630 Base Cone is a direct replacement for the 1U9825 Base Cone in the 8T0812, 6V9448, and 1U9593 Cylinder Pack Puller Groups for the 3300, 3400, and 1.7 Liter Families of Engines. The 1U9595 Base Plate and 307571 Bolt are not used with the new 9U6630 Base Cone.

The 1U9825 Base Cone can be modified to provide the same benefits as the new base cone. Use the procedure that follows to modify the 1U9825 Base Cone.

Illustration 1. Location of component to be removed from the cylinder puller pack groups. 9U6630 Base Cone (1). 1U9595 Base Plate (2). 307571 Bolt (3). Stud (4).

1. Remove the 307571 Bolt (3) and 1U9595 Base Plate from the bottom of the 1U9825 Base Cone (1). The bolt and base plate will NOT be reused.

2. Remove the 1U9825 Base Cone from the stud (4).

Illustration 2. Dimensions for modifying the 1U9825 Base Cone. (A) 98.22 mm (3.867 in). (B) 85.52 mm (3.367 in).

3. The length (A) of the unmodified base cone is 98.22 mm (3.867 in). Remove 12.7 mm (.50 in) of material from the base plate end of the base cone only. The length (B) of the modified base cone should be 85.52 mm (3.367 in).

4. Install the modified 1U9825 Base Cone on the stud (4).

Publication Date -01/01/1993

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