5P8665 Cylinder Liner Puller Makes Liner Removal Easier And Faster

All Caterpillar-built Engines, Except 1100 and 3100 Series Engines and 3208 Engines

The 5P8665 Cylinder Liner Puller is available to remove cylinder liners from all Caterpillar Engines that use cylinder liners. This new tool is easy to install and remove. An impact wrench with a .50″ (12.7 mm) drive will have enough force to remove the liners. Generally, less than 10 seconds is needed to remove each liner.

The arm assemblies on the puller are adjusted to fit the length of the liner to be removed. They are then pushed together and installed into the cylinder liner. The spring loaded arms are then moved out so the feet on the ends of the arm assemblies are under the bottom of the liner. The bolt is turned clockwise to remove the liner.

The 5P8665 Cylinder Liner Puller can remove cylinder liners with dimensions up to 7.00″ (177.8 mm) in diameter and 18.00″ (457.2 mm) in length.

The separate parts of the 5P8665 Cylinder Liner Puller are available to make repairs if necessary (see the Illustration).

5P8665 Cylinder Liner Puller.

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