40 Power Microscope is Available for Inspecting Bearing Journals on Crankshafts

Caterpillar Products:

  • All
  • 3500 Family Pumpers
  • 3500 and 3500B Family Generator Sets and Power Modules with Standard Displacement
  • Engines with ACERT Technology
  • Equipped with Air CompressorsCaterpillar Products: All
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  • All Diesel
  • G3500 Family AllEngine: Industrial, Marine, and Generator Set that Use Flash Programming
  • AllEngine: Marine
  • 3500 SeriesEngine: Truck
  • AllEngine:
  • All Commercial Gas Engines
  • G3600Industrial Engine: with Turbochargers
  • AllMarine Engine: with Turbochargers
  • AllPumper: All
  • Utility Mounted

Illustration 1 g01206787

262-8390 Microscope

Illustration 2 g01206759

Microscope reticle

Dealer Service Tools now offers the 262-8390 Microscope for inspecting the bearing journals on the engine crankshafts for all Caterpillar machine and engine products. The new microscope is recommended for checking the journal surfaces after a magnetic inspection has been performed. This 40 power microscope is a good general usage instrument that is equipped with a light. The microscope’s reticle indicates in 0.5 mm (0.02 inch) increments for accurate measurements. The 262-8390 Microscope replaces the 6V-2196 Microscope and the 6V-7894 Microlite which are cancelled.

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